Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Something new from the Four Frames crew...Holiday Mini Sessions!

That's right we are trying something new this holiday season!
A first for us, utilizing our new open air studio 
we are tackling the mini session. 
From Nov.2-6th book a 30 min seating with us and you get:
15, 4x6" postcard prints to send out (more prints can be ordered)
Free digital downloads of your session (available online until Dec.31/15)
And we donate $45 from each session to the 

Hop in the Tub!
Get creative with our fun prop box!
Keep it classic!

Appointment required so contact us today!
Total cost to you $150 (taxes included)
We will be st up for the week at the Help Fill a Dream offices: 
4085 Quadra St, Unit D, Victoria, B.C.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

It's all about the Benjamin's.........Suzanne's, Paul's, Beckie's and more....

People Matter.....
Another Customer Service Installment.

Take the time to remember someone's name. 
Look them in the eye. 
Say their name three times (to yourself)
And the next time you see them say Hi, Hello or Howdy _________!
Don't play shy.
People Matter. 

How do you feel when someone remembers your name?
Or if not your name, where you met them? 

Those People Matter
All People Matter.

These people might be your next customer or a lifelong client. 

I have an uncanny ability to remember faces.
Everywhere I go I see someone who has hopped in the booth 
And usually I can place them at a specific event and often
remember what props they were wearing!

I sometimes get funny looks when this happens but people
are genuinely surprised and appreciate the mention. 

People Matter

We all want to feel important or that we have made an impact on someone. 

So take the time and notice what's happening around you.

I recently ran into a lovely lady at a function and immediately commented to her

"You've been in the booth before, haven't you"
she said
"Why, yes, that's wonderful you remember that"
 and I said
"You were wearing the most beautiful blue dress"
She laughed.
Said Yes
Gave me a Squeeze. 

People Matter.

Friday, 24 April 2015


Customer Service Know-How!

The Key to SUCCESS lies in Cheese......
As in Say Cheese!

Love what you do! 
Smiles are contagious and the enthusiasm you have for what
you do translates to your clients. 
Don't just look like you're having fun....
Actually have fun!
Think about your best customer service experiences......
The ones that leave you walking away with a smile are the ones that
stay with you long after the door has closed or the cheque has been paid!

Be the business owner you expect in others.



Wednesday, 22 April 2015

It Takes 2!

We recently were interviewed for a vendor feature on Vancouver Island Weddings.
It was an honour to be asked to share some tidbits about not only the booth but how we got started and what makes our business a success. It was a good chance for us to reflect on our beginnings and the road that we have travelled in the last four years.

The question that caused the most consideration was "What is your businesses greatest strength and weakness?". We are not only business partners but partners in life as well. Many people are surprised that we are able to do both & you know what; sometimes I'm surprised myself! 

We are there to cheer each other on and whenever one of us needs a break the other is there to fill in and offer support. All we do is booth and when you have a job that isn't your typical 9-5 with paid vacations and benefits, occasionally you have moments when you wonder if you should continue on. These moments are fleeting and few but knowing that someone is there beside you, rooting for you, lifting you up and giving you high 5's is what I consider our biggest key to success!

So for all of you who wonder if you should go into business with your partner I say do it! 
It can be frustrating, you can have the occasional stare down but at the end of the day there is no one who loves you more and wants to you to succeed (it kind of has to since you share one paycheck!!)

Thanks Jessica for the interview. We hope to see you in the booth!

To read the entire interview head to Vancouver Island Weddings.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hand Bras!

Excuse me?
Did you just say "Hand Bra" ?
As in H-A-N-D B-R-A.....

Yeppers, that's right I would like to give my partner a hand bra in the booth!

My response...
I've never seen one but go right ahead. 

And so begins our new series. 
What Photo Booth Pros get asked!

Unfortunately I cannot show what a hand bra is on this site 
but apparently I was the only person who didn't know what one was. 
So if you are like me, and went, "huh" then here goes. 
It's a bra using your partners hands. 
An upper cup. 
Social support if your shirt happens to fly off and you find yourself sans bra 
and a good friend or partner comes along to lend 
a hand or two to keep you covered up. 
Also it makes for some hilarious photos in the booth when you think 
no one is watching and you forget when you ask if there is 
an online gallery and I say "yes" but you say "who cares"
and I tell you not to worry I will delete the pics because
this is a work function after all and 
we are a family friendly
photo booth..... 

A hand bra is not for all couples to try. 
Seasoned photo boothers would be nervous at such a feat.
It takes timing, precision and a bit of a voyeuristic spirit to get it done and get it done right.

For all you hand bra aficionados out there just remember it's digital these days!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Save the Date in Style

Another installment in our Stop Motion Save the Dates
Starring Johnny & Baby
A Dirty Dancing Wedding Announcement

.....This could be you